Best Derierre
Winner – Miss Anthropy
Bonita Danger Doll
Fanciforia Foxglove

Favourite Costumier
Winner – Flo Foxworthy
Asphyxia Couture
Cathy Tree Costumier

Favourite Producer
Winner – Venus Starr
Catherine Smith & Debbie Eve for Caburlesque
Lilly Loca
Red Rascal Productions

Favourite Routine
Winner – Miss La Vida – Big Butts
Bonita Danger Doll – Martini Glass
Amourous Ava – Teen Wolf

The Show Floozy
Winner – Bonita Danger Doll
Danny Rascal
Fanciforia Foxglove
Willow Noir

Most Likely to Accept an Award they didn’t win
Winner – Fanciforia Foxglove
Danny Rascal
Danny Dangerously

Best Boobs
Winner – Venus Starr
Miss Tittle Tattle
Ruby Von Rifle

Favourite Group Performance
Winner – Les Folies de L’amour
Fanciforia Foxglove & Siren Sweetsong
Harem Honeys
Industrial Burlesque Collective

Favourite Stage Kitten
Winner – Danni Morgan
Fanciforia Foxglove
Miss Cherry Lashes

Most Likely to Invade the Stage
Winner – Danny Rascal
Danny Dangerously
Mr B Frank

Most Innovative
Winner – Mis Chiff Minx
MisRed Delicious
Miss Anthropy

Best Man Junk
Winner – Mr B Frank
Danny Rascal
Clever Hansel
Mo Cachino

Favourite Show Photographer
Winner – AJ Photography
Candy Thorne
Picture Finish

Favourite Newbie
Winner – Lady Cashmere
Daisy Du Belle
Sugar Spanx

Most Likely To Sneak Backstage
Winner – Willow Noir
Danny Rascal
MisRed Delicious

The MacGyver Award for Most Prepared
Winner – Bonita Danger Doll
D’Licia Minx
Grace La Belle

Favourite Pasties
Winner – Honey Suckle – Goat Pasties
Daisy Du Belle – Moustache Pasties from MBNZ
Honey Suckle – Mice Pasties
Miss Cherry Lashes – Heart Pasties
Miss Ooh La La Paree – Aviator Pasties 
Favourite Showstopping Moment
Winner – Willow Noir – Squirting Milk 20 feet into the audience at MBNZ2013
Little Miss Broadway – Debuting L’il Bro at Carousel
MisRed Delicious – Feather Boa Magically Appearing from nowhere at MBNZ 13
Miss Anthropy – Peeling flesh
Miss Cherry Lashes – Having a little more reveal than expected at Kinki Kandi
International Recognition (Those performers who are representing NZ burlesque to the world)
Winner – Eva Strangelove
Courtney L’amour
Flo Foxworthy
MisRed Delicious
Miss La Vida
The Magenta Diamond
Venus Starr

While we have endeavoured to check, NZBF holds no liability for misspelling of names as these are collated directly from the nominations.