Best Derriere
Winner –  Chris Oh!
Miss Kitty Rose
Pixie Twist

Favourite Costume
Winner – MisRed Delicious – Big Red
Chris Oh! – Coco for Rococo
Christopher Oh! – Countess Bathory

Favourite Costumier
Winner – Clementine
Flo Foxworthy
Velvet DeCollete

Favourite Troupe or Duo
Winner – The Ballet School Dropouts
Frank ‘N Twist
The Roaring Antoinettes

Favourite Tech Support
Winner – SoundBitch
Alyson Bain

Favourite Producer
Winner – Debbie Eve
MisRed Delicious
Sugar Spanx

Favourite Regular Production/Show
Winner – Caburlesque NZ
Hootchy Kootchy Girls Burlesque
The Rock n Roll Circus

Favourite Industry Graphic Designer
Winner – Nick Christie
Carlos De Treend
Carrie Hawkins

The Unsung Hero
Winner – Soundbitch
Miss Cherry Lashes
Sapphire Matizze

Peoples Choice Award
Winner – Nocturness
Chris Oh!
Sugar Spanx

Favourite Show Poster
Winner – Caburlesque NZ
Nocturne Sanctum
NZ Burlesque Festival
Press Play
The Menagerie

Best Boobs
Winner – Kiki Kisses
Miss Kitty Rose

Favourite Male Burlesque
Winner – Chris Oh!
Felix Goodfellow
Mr B Frank

Favourite Newbie
Winner – Lilith LaLune
Delilah Deluxe
Fanny McBangers

Favourite Mentor
Winner – MisRed Delicious
Miss Cherry Lashes
Sugar Spanx

Favourite Stage Manager
Winner – Miss Cherry Lashes
Danni Meow
Jack Craving

Favourite Non Regular Production/Show
Winner – NZ Burlesque Festival
DIY Burleskiwi
Nocturne Sanctum

MacGuyver Award (Most Prepared)
Winner – Miss Cherry Lashes
Chris Oh!
Debbie Eve

Most Innovative
Winner – Pixie Twist
Amourous Ava
Constance Mayhem

Most Likely to Pop a Pastie
Winner – MisRed Delicious
Pixie Twist
Sapphira L’Amour

The Honorary Kiwi Award (Favourite International Visitor)
Winner – Judith Stein
Kenjai – Goddess of the Heavenly Booty
Mae de la Rue

Favourite Non-Striptease Routine
Winner – Clever & Constance – The Foodtard Song
Gretta Tapper – Artimisia Blat
Pip -Lysaah & Crew – The Sandman Comic
The Roaring Antoinettes – Gogo
The Roaring Antoinettes – Viva Las Vegas

Best Manjunk
Winner – Chris Oh!
Felix Goodfellow
Mr B Frank 

Favourite Pasties
Winner – Pixie Twist – Bunches of grapes
Chris Oh! – Bluebird
The Ballet School Dropouts – Night and Day

Favourite MC
Winner – Miss La Vida
Constance Craving
Lilly Loca

Favourite Striptease Routine
Winner – Pixie Twist – Goddess of Goon
Chris Oh! – Blue Bird
MisRed Delicious – Big Red

Favourite Stage Kitten
Winner – Jack Craving
Miss ‘D’ Lushious

The Industry Groupie
Winner – Amber de Luze
Mimosa Illeva
Mischevious Cinders

Most Likely to Accept an Award They Did Not Win
Winner – Debbie Eve
Aurora Storm
Fanciforia Foxglove

Mucky Puppy Award
Winner – Leo Valor
Pixie Twist
Sapphira L’Amour

Most Likely to Be Caught Where They Shouldn’t Be
Winner – Pixie Twist “A queen can go where she likes!”
Fanciforia Foxglove
MisRed Delicious

Favourite Show Photographer
Winner – Peter Jennings
David Rowe Photography
Paradox Photography
Scott Marks – Reality Disfunction

Favourite Show Stopping Moment
Winner – Jack Craving’s escaping G string moment in December Caburlesque
Jack Craving falling on his arse at DIY BurlesKiwi
Pixie Twist’s goon sack reveal

International Recognition Award (kiwis doing it overseas in 2017) (judges choice)
Winner – Amourous Ava
Winner – Chris Oh!
Anglebert Humpermink
Duchess DeBerry (declined nomination)
Lilly Loca

Outstanding Career Achievement Award (judges choice)
Winner – Miss La Vida
MisRed Delicious
Ruby Ruin

Significant Contribution to the NZ Burlesque Industry (judges choice)
Winner – Ruby Ruin
Jasmine Tease
MisRed Delicious
Sugar Spanx

Burlesque Exchange Scholarship
Winner – Pixie Twist

While we have endeavored to check, NZBF holds no liability for misspelling of names as these are collated directly from the nominations.



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