1. Please fill in the form provided (will be here as of 1st December 2019) and list up to 3 nominations for each category with most favourite first.
2. Nominations must have been seen between the period of 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018. Contribution and Achievement categories are excluded from these dates as they are more about career achievement.
3. For most cases popular nomination will decide the winner.
4. Where categories are ‘Judges Decision’ it may not be the popular nominee who wins. It will be the judges’ decision and their decision is final.
5. No soliciting for nominations. You may “share” the page and ask if your audience feels you are deserving of an award to “feel free” to nominate you. We will be monitoring this!
6. Nominations close 7 February 2019. All finalists will be announced no later than 14 February 2019. Winners will be announced at the golden garter dinner ceremony on 23rd March 2019, and placed on the website no later than 14 April 2019.